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Cat Kerr is a mixed media artist driven by curiosity, constantly inspired by the materials she handles. For Cat, the creative journey is paramount, often outweighing the final result. From a young age she was always drawing.  Initially, her dream was to be a fashion designer. Inspired by her grandmother, Belen de Carvajal, this was also the name she chose for her business.

In her 20s, Cat’s artistic focus shifted to manipulating paper and incorporating found objects. The thirties brought an obsession with resin, metal, and rust, experimenting with their combinations. In time, she moved on to working with wood and plastic, particularly enjoying the creative potential of plastic films from Graphix.

Currently, Cat’s art revolves around color, whether through acrylic paints or wax sticks. And she’s having a great time combining all the materials and techniques she’s explored over the years, including the use of canvas, metal, assemblage, and art journaling, reflecting a bit of everything in her artist’s toolbox.

Cat Shares Her Journey and So Much More

In this episode, Tammy and Cat discuss Cat’s creative journey, her love for experimenting with different mediums, and her passion for inspiring others to create without fear. They also touch on topics such as organizing art supplies (the ongoing battle many of us face!), working directly with manufacturers, and the value of your artwork. And, so much more.


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Social media plays a dual role for me—it’s both a business tool and a platform to share my excitement for art. My goal is to inspire others to create fearlessly and explore new techniques. I hope my followers feel this excitement and are motivated to try new things themselves.

Key Episode Takeaways

  • Say yes to opportunities, even if they are unpaid, as they can lead to new learning experiences and connections.

  • Embrace curiosity and let the materials guide your creative process.

  • Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and push the boundaries of what a medium can do.

  • Organize art supplies in a way that allows you to see and easily access what you have.

  • Make connections and reach out to  manufacturers if you have ideas for new products.

  • Consider the time invested when determining the value of finished artwork.

  • Encourage others to create without fear and inspire them to try new things.

  • Finding the right balance between creating for joy and getting paid for one’s time is a challenge in the creative industry.

  • Art has a healing power and brings grounding and meaningfulness into our lives.

  • Having a focus, defining goals, and staying disciplined are key to achieving success in the creative industry.

Keep Learning, by Cat Kerr


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Embracing Creativity and Curiosity


Exploring Different Mediums and Techniques


Organizing Art Supplies for Inspiration


Making Connections and Collaborating with Manufacturers


Inspiring Others to Create Without Fear


Valuing and Monetizing Creative Work


The Healing Power of Art


Finding Grounding in Art


Challenges of Getting Paid for Fun


The Importance of Focus and Goals

The Nibbler, mini journals; by Cat Kerr
Assemblage by Cat Kerr