Heart & Hands of a Maker

Francesca Watson is a passionate metalsmith and jewelry-making instructor. She, along with her beloved husband Nick who is also an artist, manage the operation of The Makery. The Makery is a working and teaching studio in Old Village in Downtown Bulverde, Texas where they host in-person and online workshops, retreats, and more.

In addition to The Makery, Francesca is host to an online community and co-director of Heart of the Maker (now open for enrollment!) , alongside Jessica Coté.  As an aside – their next collaboration will be called Hands of the Maker. And yes! It’s a complete coincidence their programs and the title of my podcast are so similarly named.

Passionate maker, instructor, supporter of all who want to learn and grow

In this episode of Heart & Hands of a Maker, Francesca shares insights from her personal maker journey, emphasizing the intrinsic value of creativity and making. Aspiring entrepreneurs will receive invaluable advice from Francesca, highlighting the imperative of seeking professional guidance and crafting robust business strategies—before(!) you start. Francesca emphasizes the value of community, sharing our knowledge to lift others up, and to never stop learning.

I took a beading class, fell in love with rocks so picked up wire wrapping (because torches scared me), dabbled in metal clay as a “work around” to soldering, and finally bit the bullet and dove into metals wholeheartedly. My first experiences were not … let’s just say encouraging. Not encouraging at all. I was in love with the work of Connie Fox and could not get soldering to work for me at all. I was ready to just admit I was a failure and give it all up, but I took a class with Richard Salley and Jessica Jordan Coté that changed everything, and I really owe it to them that I’m a metalsmith.

Boho sterling silver earrings by Francesca Watson

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Francesca offers her thanks and appreciation to those who have influenced and helped her along her maker journey. Those she references are as follows and can be found through their respective links:

Richard Salley

Jessica Coté 

Charles Lewton Brain 

Loretta Lam 

Tonya Davidson 

Connie Fox 

Key Episode Takeaways

  • Creativity is valuable for its own sake and does not need to be monetized to be worthwhile.
  • Aspiring business owners should seek professional help and create a solid business plan.
  • Balancing teaching and making can be challenging, but it is important to give oneself permission to focus on personal creative projects.
  • Busy is not a virtue, and it is important to make time for stillness and creativity.
  • Embrace failure and learn from mistakes
  • Don’t worry about what others think and focus on your own journey
  • Take classes from different teachers to gain different perspectives and techniques
  • Create a safe space for students to learn and grow
  • Find joy in making pretty things
Hope, necklace by Francesca Watson


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The Value of Creativity


Advice for Business Owners


Personal Creative Projects


Creating a Safe Space for Learning and Growth


The Joy of Making Pretty Things

Redemption Series, work in progress by Francesca Watson