Meet Sandra Lupo

I became a maker in my 30’s while raising two children. I had worked in the corporate world for most of my 20’s and married. I discovered I liked to work with my hands and create after I had my best creations, my children! I didn’t enjoy the needle arts or sewing (as my Mom did) but I sure liked getting my hands dirty and rough, i.e. furniture refinishing, upholstery, stained glass. Jewelry making and playing with fire was next!

Jewelry Designer, Instructor, Tool Inventor

Join Tammy as she talks with Sandra Lupo, a renowned artist, educator, and tool inventor. Lean into Sandra’s journey, which includes the creation of her tool, Conetastic. See the transformative power of collaboration in DIY and jewelry making through Sandra’s eys. Gain invaluable insights into overcoming self-doubt, handling criticism, and navigating the business landscape as a creative entrepreneur. Explore the essence of creativity, staying true to your passion, and the vital role of sustainability in the ever-evolving DIY community. Tune in for a vibrant discussion filled with wisdom, encouragement, and the joy of crafting from the heart.

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Find her Conetastic tool at your favorite jewelry supplier.

Conetastic tool invented by Sandra Lupo; manufactured by Beadalon

Key Episode Takeaways

  • The importance of DIY

  • The value of teaching and collaboration in the maker community

  • The challenges of bookkeeping and studio organization in running a jewelry busines

  • Social media can be a necessary part of all we do but can also a chore

  • Teaching in person provides a unique and fulfilling experience, but online teaching has become more prevalent due to the pandemic.

  • Collaboration and community are essential for personal and professional growth as a maker.

  • Incorporating personal talents and experiences into one’s work adds a unique touch and helps to create a connection with customers.

  • Staying relevant in the DIY space involves staying informed about trends, being mindful of sustainability, and continuously learning and growing.

  • Traveling and exploring different environments can provide inspiration and broaden one’s horizons as a maker.

mixed media, layered necklace: wood, wire, freshwater pearls, crystals, gemstones, cotton By Sandra Lupo


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Introduction and Finding Creative Inspiration


Sandra Lupo’s Creative Journey


The Invention of Cone-tastic


Continuing to Create and Make


Navigating the Business Side


Collaboration and Bringing Personal Talents


Dealing with Self-Doubt and Negative Feedback


Final Thoughts and Embracing Fun

“Sun worship Duo” originally published in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Wire wrapping beads and stones, half-round wrapping, wire components fabrication, sheet manipulation, bezel making and stone setting