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My name is Tammy
(Tamara, Tam & Mom also work)

I’ve been a content creator and in the publishing/media space for almost 30 years! It’s been an amazing ride and I’m looking forward to all that lies ahead.

A Little Background

I joined Lapidary Journal in 1997 and, thanks to Merle White, the Editor in Chief of Lapidary Journal and the opportunity to be her projects editor, my life was changed forever. 

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching jewelry-making workshops, writing projects, authoring books, creating videos (including DVDs and VHS!), I’ve been on television and so many other way-beyond-reality kind of experiences I never imagined possible.

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Fast Forward to Present Day

As the internet became a thing, so did this website. I’ve held this space for a long time, but haven’t used it much. That all changed recently when I left my corporate job, so I could get back to doing more of what I love—creating, making, connecting, and sharing with those who want to learn.

Making connections and helping others is what gets me out of bed (that and my dog!). I’m so glad to be back in this space with my fingers typing, the camera recording, and building new pathways to serve you.

I’m so excited for all that is still to come and so happy to have you with me on this journey.

For now, in this space, you can expect to find articles, recipes, and tutorials. Podcast episodes are a new thing (for me), and you can find those here, too. Just a heads up—these episodes are filled with lots of really cool people you will want to follow, if you don’t already. 

Professional Organizations: