Thank you and Holiday Wishes

Giving Thanks
Sending you wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving and offering my thanks for your support.
Taking a Moment of Your Time
It’s been wonderful fully immersing myself in all it means to “restart” my business. Re-learning WordPress, changing hosting services, finding a new email service provider, choosing a business email service (yes—they’re different!), finding my way on which way to go with content creation (Heart & Hands of the Maker podcast being the first to emerge), reengaging…

Heart and Hands of a Maker podcast launch

Issue #1
Thank you for welcoming me into your inbox.
Sharing just a bit of news before the weekend slips in and since I told you you’d hear it from me, first…drum roll, please!
Heart & Hands of a Maker: The Creative Journey podcast is LIVE!
The trailer and first “official episode” of “Heart & Hands of a Maker” released late this week!
When you have a minute (1:22 to be exact), please listen to the trailer on your favorite platform or here on Spotify.
While there, please consider…