Giving Thanks

Sending you wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving and offering my thanks for your support.


Taking a Moment of Your Time

It’s been wonderful fully immersing myself in all it means to “restart” my business. Re-learning WordPress, changing hosting services, finding a new email service provider, choosing a business email service (yes—they’re different!), finding my way on which way to go with content creation (Heart & Hands of the Maker podcast being the first to emerge), reengaging on social (with more than just pictures and videos of my dog!), applying to teach in person, and more!

Through every bit of this, my center remains clear. Serving our creative community and you is what get’s me up and to my desk every day.

I am humbled to be welcomed into your inbox, to have your support, to be able to connect with you directly, and have the space to share all that lies ahead.


I’m already looking forward to seeing my social feed filled with your family gatherings, table scapes, fun decorations made with little ones, and so many other cherished moments you choose to share—bring them on!

For us, we’re very traditional in our plans but this year we’ll be mixing it up just a bit with more of an open-house style vs. a sit-down dinner. We’ll start the day with THE parade while enjoying homemade waffles, coffee and prosecco. This will be followed by fun picking food, football, and then a late afternoon filled with all my husband creates. Desserts will come from New Jersey(!) and are sure to be a hit.

Time with all who can be here is the best part of all. Growing up in a house filled with “5 kids every day 7 every other weekend” the more chaos the better for me!

Whatever this holiday means for you, I wish you a wonderful and safe day~

Until next week!