The Artist Rolodex Solution and More

· Handcraft Nation Platform Aims to Help Solve an Age Old Problem ·

In This Episode of Heart & Hands of a Maker Sandra Barnidge  is a writer who wears many hats. She’s most often a freelancer for universities, nonprofits, and foundations, where she writes in-depth features about scientists, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers. She also has a novel about religion and sports in the Deep South forthcoming from…

Allie Perry: Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur, Mentor

Meet Allie Perry Allie Perry is a contemporary goldsmith who lives and works in Connecticut. An avid nature lover, her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are frequently inspired by her surroundings. With professional experience spanning decades, Allie draws on her knowledge and specialized experience to create custom, heirloom-quality jewelry that is meant to be worn and enjoyed….

Milagros Rivera Mixed Media Artist

Meet Milagros Rivera a Mixed Media Artist and Instructor Milagros Rivera is, at her core, an artist. She breathes life into any material that speaks to her and empowers others through her words and imagery. Mixed Media is her passion! Milagros is also a business woman, operating The Paper Boutique Scrapbooking Studio in Puerto Rico…

Ann Tudor Glass and Fiber Artist

· A lampwork and fiber artist joins us on Heart & Hands of a Maker podcast ·

Meet Ann Tudor Ann Tudor is a lampwork glass artist, surface pattern designer, and avid knitter. She makes tiny creations of glass for knitters and crocheters in the form of stitch markers and progress keepers. Ann also creates notion pouches to hold her markers and all your tools. She has been a maker her entire…