Jen Cushman is a natural storyteller drawn to the imperfect, the quirky, the artsy, and the authentic. She’s spent 25 years as a mixed-media artist and instructor, authored two jewelry-making books, appeared on numerous DIY television shows as a guest artist, and has been published in national magazines. Currently, she is a contributing artist on the MadeTV maker network. 

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Each Monday, at 11:11 am Arizona time, Jen hosts her Magic Mondays livestreams, where she teaches about personal growth, wellness, energy medicine or spirituality.

She also does mini readings for a handful of her live viewers using her own Joy FULL Oracle Card Deck for Creatives, Healers and Feelers.

In This Episode of Heart & Hands of a Maker

Jen discusses the importance of self-care and setting boundaries. She emphasizes the need to prioritize oneself and overcome cultural conditioning that often places women’s needs at the bottom. Jen also encourages embracing failure as a learning opportunity and reframing mistakes as feedback. She highlights the freedom of art and the power of embracing imperfection. Additionally, she challenges the notion that artists are not essential and asserts that art brings beauty and meaning to the world. Jen concludes by emphasizing the importance of supporting and empowering each other on our creative journeys.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace authenticity and be true to yourself in your creative journey.

  • Art and spirit are interconnected and combining them can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself.

  • Business evolution often involves finding a balance between teaching and creating.

  • The pandemic has led to a pivot in business strategies, such as Soul Stir Magic, and a greater appreciation for in-person connections.

  • Digital learning has become more accepted and provides opportunities for both convenience and connection.

  • Taking care of oneself is essential, and it can be achieved by starting with small, manageable steps.

  • Authenticity is valued and appreciated, and it is important to embrace and share your unique gifts with the world.

  • Embrace failure as a learning opportunity and view mistakes as feedback.

  • Challenge cultural conditioning that undermines the essentiality of artists and recognize the value they bring to the world.

  • Support and empower each other on our creative journeys.


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Introduction and Creative Journey


Art Plus Spirit


Business Evolution and Teaching


Creating an Oracle Card Deck


Pandemic Pivot and Soul Stir Magic


Balancing In-Person and Digital Learning


The Importance of Authenticity


Resetting and Taking Care of Yourself


The Importance of Self-Care and Setting Boundaries


Embracing Failure and Learning from Mistakes


The Freedom of Art and Embracing Imperfection


Challenging Cultural Conditioning and Recognizing the Essentiality of Artists


Supporting and Empowering Each Other


Final Thoughts and Call to Action