heart and hands of a maker podcast

HEART & HANDS OF A MAKER is an inspiring podcast series that delves deep into the lives and minds of artists and creatives.

Join us as we explore the dynamic world of art, craft, and entrepreneurship through intimate and insightful interviews. 

Learn about the creative journey and challenges each of our guests have faced, where they find their inspiration (even on days where there is none to be found!), how they manage and balance their social media, sustain a business while keeping their creative spirit alive, and other topics that will help you take your artistic journey to the next level.


Ann Tudor, a lampworker and knitter, among many other talents, shares all the twists in her creative journey, her business evolution and what she has coming up next! 

Jill Bartlett is the visionary and creative force behind Scouterwear and Thank Dog We Made It. Following and combining her passions, she has a line of dog wear suited to fit dogs of all sizes and teaches others how to make their own dog wear, too. 

Milagros Rivera, a mixed media artist living in Puerto Rico, shares her maker journey as well as offers insight on drawing inspiration from your surroundings. 

Discover the inspiring journey of Chris Anderson, the creative force behind Lion Punch Forge. Chris shares the importance of networking, embracing failure, and nurturing a supportive customer base.