heart and hands of a maker podcast


Meet Ann Tudor

Ann Tudor, a lampworker and knitter, among many other talents, shares all the twists in her creative journey, her business evolution and what she has coming up next! 

does one or all of these questions resonate with you?

Where do I find creative inspiration?

How do I get out of a creative slump?

How do I make money with my art?

How do I get published?

How can I grow my social media presence?

Can I really turn my passion into a business?

HEART & HANDS OF A MAKER is an inspiring podcast series that delves deep into the lives and minds of artists and creatives.

Join us as we explore the dynamic world of art, craft, and entrepreneurship through intimate and insightful interviews. 

Learn about the creative journey and challenges each of our guests have faced, where they find their inspiration (even on days where there is none to be found!), how they manage and balance their social media, sustain a business while keeping their creative spirit alive, and other topics that will help you take your artistic journey to the next level.

Whether you’re an established creative maker seeking inspiration or someone just starting out on their creative journey, HEART & HANDS OF A MAKER sessions will provide you with valuable insights, motivation, and the tools you need to unleash your own creativity and turn your passion into a thriving venture.