A Handmade Holiday

To this day, by this time of year, I have a plan for the ornament I will make for gifting to those on our list. By plan, I mean I have the idea and maybe I’ve started gathering the materials. The making usually goes right up to the finish line. Can you relate?

Often, the project I choose includes a new technique I want to try and is something I believe I can replicate before running out of steam. As I decorated our tree this year, it was hard not to reflect on the years past as well as relive the fun (and some of the frustrations) I had making all the different ornaments through the years.

In the above picture, the elf, as some of you may recognize, uses molds by Maureen Carlson (the hands and face). In fact, the design is totally hers. I have to guess this is circa 1995. It’s made using Sculpey III, a bell, two seed beads and a screw eye.

The glass ornament with “stained glass tree” was a fun off-shoot of a larger format gift I made for a few on our list that year—maybe from 1990. This technique, if you’re not familiar, includes “painting” lines for the leading, which defines the design. Once set, you fill in the “cells” with the “glass” colors. It’s not as easy as it looks but it worked, kind of.

The snowman still brings a smile to my face as it sparks memories of my dad. I didn’t make the ornament with him but I did come up with the idea while helping him with his woodworking business.

If you’re looking for a quick ornament to make this year— take this idea and run with it! It’s super simple to replicate and you only need a few supplies. Plus, who doesn’t love a trip to the hardware store! Here’s the short list

  • wooden bowling pin – 3″ (body)
  • acrylic paint: white and black
  • small paintbrush
  • black magic marker, fine tip (buttons and face)
  • O-ring to fit the top of the bowling pin (hat brim)
  • glue (to hold the O-ring in place)
  • screw eye for wood (hanger)
  • scrap of fabric (scarf)
  • pom-pom (nose)

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If you decide to make this ornament or a derivative, please post a picture and tag me on social. I want to see how yours turns out!

Happy making—no matter what holiday you celebrate!