• Jill Bartlett eLearning Expert and Dog Wear Designer


    Meet Jill Bartlett

    Jill Bartlett, dog wear designer at Scouterwear

    Jill Bartlett is the visionary and creative force behind Scouterwear and Thank Dog We Made It. Following her passion,  Jill has found a way to combine her love for teaching others while also creating with her hands. 

    Jill started out as a graphic designer and animator then launched an eLearning company, which she co-owned for  over 15 years. As the corporate chaos increased, Jill started craving a creative outlet to unwind from all the stress. Knitting, sewing, and carpentry were her salvation.

    Jill is now a dog wear designer with a line of dog wear suited to fit dogs of all sizes and she teaches others how to make their own dog wear—whether sewn using a variety of fabrics or knitted.

    In This Episode of Heart & Hands of a Maker

    Jill thrives on pushing boundaries and challenging norms, a sentiment that now echoes in every stitch of the original dog wear she designs. Jill also finds joy in teaching others to make their own dog wear. In this conversation, Jill shares her creative journey, her transition from a corporate career to making dog wear, and her passion for teaching others how to make their own dog wear. Jill shares her experiences with imposter syndrome, the importance of goal planning, and the joy she finds in creativity. She also offers advice for those starting out and emphasizes the importance of taking time for oneself.

    Key Takeaways

    • Follow your passion and believe in yourself.
    • Plan for the future and consider where you want to be in the long term.
    • Don’t be afraid of technology and embrace the opportunities it offers.
    • Take time for yourself and prioritize self-care.
    • Overcome imposter syndrome and believe in your abilities.
    • Find joy in creativity and embrace the process of learning and trying new things.
    • Teach and empower others to pursue their own creative journeys.


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    Introduction and Background


    Jill’s Creative Journey


    Discovering a Passion for Teaching


    Starting an E-Learning Company


    Transitioning to Making Dog Wear


    Embracing Technology and Overcoming Fear


    The Rise of Makers and the Importance of Handmade


    Creating Custom Fit Dog Wear


    Teaching Others to Make Dog Wear


    Marrying Passion for Making and Teaching


    Advice for Those Starting Out


    The Importance of Goal Planning


    Dealing with Imposter Syndrome


    Balancing Work and Pursuing a Passion


    Taking Time for Yourself


    Believing in Yourself and Overcoming Fear


    Transitioning from One Business to Another


    Dealing with Imposter Syndrome


    Finding Joy in Creativity


    Creating New Designs and Overcoming Fear


    Teaching and Empowering Others


    Closing Remarks


  • Ann Tudor Glass and Fiber Artist

    Meet Ann Tudor

    Ann Tudor is a lampwork glass artist, surface pattern designer, and avid knitter. She makes tiny creations of glass for knitters and crocheters in the form of stitch markers and progress keepers. Ann also creates notion pouches to hold her markers and all your tools. She has been a maker her entire life but knitting has been a constant thread for over 30 years. 

    After teaching many friends and family members how to knit, she is excited to share her wealth of experience in an online course for beginners: Craft Your Knitting.

    Learn more about Ann and enjoy the conversation we had on Heart & Hands of a Maker. 

    In this episode, Ann shares her experiences with various crafts and how she transitioned from making jewelry to creating lampwork glass beads. She discusses the challenges of working with glass and the importance of embracing the process of creating. Ann also offers advice on overcoming the fear of failure and valuing your work. She highlights the significance of finding support and networking with like-minded individuals. Finally, Ann shares her upcoming course on knitting and her passion for helping others learn and create.


    •  Embrace the process of creating and enjoy the journey.
    • Don’t be afraid to fail and learn from your mistakes.
    • Value your work and don’t undervalue yourself.
    • Find support and network with like-minded individuals.
    • Take the time to educate yourself and improve your skills.
    Untitled design - 1


    Introduction and Overview

    Ann Tudor’s Creative Journey

    Getting Started with Lampwork Glass Beads

    Overcoming the Fear of Failure

    Embracing the Process of Creating

    Transitioning from Hobby to Business

    Finding Support and Networking

    Navigating Changes and Evolving in Business

    The Therapeutic Nature of Making

    Upcoming Course on Knitting

    Pricing and Valuing Your Work

    Finding Support and Education

    Ann’s Mini Course and Future Projects

    Closing Remarks


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  • Heart and Hands of a Maker podcast launch

    Issue #1
    Thank you for welcoming me into your inbox.
    Sharing just a bit of news before the weekend slips in and since I told you you’d hear it from me, first…drum roll, please!
    Heart & Hands of a Maker: The Creative Journey podcast is LIVE!
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    When you have a minute (1:22 to be exact), please listen to the trailer on your favorite platform or here on Spotify.
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    heart and hands of a maker podcast

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